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Improve Your Putting - Putter Fitting and instruction in Minnesota

Totally Driven is the Upper Midwest leader in putting training, fitting and improvement technologies.


Putter Fitting Using the state of art Edel System $75 ($37.50 refunded if you follow our recommendations)

  • Includes evaluating your putter for:
    • Aim Testing using a laser
    • Length, lie angle, loft evaluation
    • Distance Control Evaluation

Determine Recommendations (Alter your Putter/New or leave as is)

  • The recommendation will include:
    • Length
    • Lie Angle
    • Head Style
    • Hosel Style
    • Loft
    • Scoring Lines
    • Grip and grip size
    • Head Weight
    • Shaft Type
    • Butt Weighting

The putter will pick you, not the other way around. Once fit, you will have a putter that you can aim correctly with proper loft (90% of all golfers do not aim their putter at the target), control distance and make more putts with.

2 Hr Putter Fitting and Coaching Session $175

Full Putter Fitting as detailed above.

Putting Training/Coaching Session

    Potential Areas of Focus:
  • Aim
  • Distance Control
  • Set-up
  • Stroke
  • Green Reading
  • Pre-shot Routine

Our Putting Zone Coaches are Certified by the acclaimed putting guru, Geoff Mangum

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