Totally Driven

Custom Clubs, Golf Lessons, Distance Improvement and Fitting
Serving Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Club Fitting / Building / Repair

  • Iron Fitting: $125
  • Wood Fitting: $125
  • Putter Fitting: $75
  • Golf Ball Fitting: $25
  • The Full Bag: $325


50% of each fitting fee is applied to purchase. Ask for discounts for High School, College Team Players and beginners.


Golf Evaluation (Prerequisite for starting Coaching or Distance Improvement Program)

Golf Evaluation Includes:

  • Interview
  • High Level Equipment Analysis
  • Shaft Max Analysis (Determines how you load the shaft during the swing)
  • 3D K-Vest Assessment (Sequencing, X Factor, Timing, Speed at impact) 
  • Video Swing Assessment 
  • SAM PUTT Analysis 
  • Power Test (3 part test of your physical power sources)
  • Titleist Performance Golf Fitness Evaluation
  • Recap of Findings
  • Review improvement options and recommendations.

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Our lessons are geared towards helping you shoot lower scores.   A single lesson is unlikely to produce results that will stay with you for a lifetime.  Our Coaches are interested in building relationships in order to understand your needs and help you reach your goals.  We have helped hundreds of players improve.   Totally Driven has access to some very sophisticated equipment to measure results and help you improve your game.

(1/2 Hour): $75

Titleist Performance Training

Includes Assessment, Exercise Review, Re-evaluation (all at Totally Driven) plus 18 sessions of exercises you can do at home or at Totally Driven for $199.

Personal Trainer

  • $65 individual session
  • $60 each for 9 sessions
  • $55 each for all 18 sessions

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6529 Cecilia Circle
Edina, MN 55439

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