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Golfing Instruction Technology

We utilize the best teaching technology in the industry using JC Video, K Vest 3D Imaging, SAM PUTT LAB, Pure Balance, Launch Monitors, exercise equipment, putting green, teaching aids and hitting bays.

JC Video

We are able to capture your swing from both the side and rear in order to show exactly what is happening. We can give you a copy of your lesson so that you can go review it at home, as well.

K Vest 3D Imaging

K-Vest is the ideal transition from a 2D video to wireless 3D technology. The K-Vest's 3 wireless sensors precisely measure a golfer's hips, shoulders and arms in degrees, throughout the swing. This enables the instructor/trainer to accurately diagnose the true cause of the problem and, in turn, prescribe drills and exercises more effectively.

One of the most useful features of K-Vest is it's ability to be used as a real-time training system that provides immediate and precise feedback to the golfer. The software's split screen mode allows students to train using live video and 3D animation. When the student moves within the instructor's desired settings, the 3D animation turns green and they will hear an auditory sound. They can then see, simultaneously, what this looks like on video.

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Pure Balance

Our Pure Balance equipment allows you the opportunity to see where your weight is during your swing. With the audio and visual feedback you receive you're able to make corrections quickly to produce the type of swing that gives you better results. The swing is built from the ground up, so this technology is the best way to give you the foundation you need to improve.

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The Science and Motion (SAM) Putt Lab was developed in Germany and is an incredible tool for helping you improve your putting stroke. There are 28 different parameters of your putting stroke analyzed and compared to professional golfers. The instant feedback that you receive is the best way to understand how to develop a better more consistent stroke.

Golf Lessons / Instruction 4

Golf Tek and Vector Launch Monitors

This equipment allows you to check your swing path, tempo, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, club head speed and much more, as well as providing you the ball flight and distance your ball flew.

Titleist Performance Institute Training

Complete Biomechanical Evaluation/Player Interview

We gather important information about your medical history as well as your golf goals and shot tendencies. We learn as much as we can about what you are trying to accomplish, and what your concerns are.

Our Certified Professional Trainer will put you through 13 different screenings or tests for flexibility, balance and strength. Your swing will also be analyzed using the K-Vest 3D system to determine how your physical limitations are effecting your golf swing. You need to have on comfortable clothes (sweats and t-shirt) and the process takes about 45 minutes.

Review Evaluation/Prescribe Program

Our TPI Certified Trainer will explain the findings from your evaluation. This is typically done on a second visit to Totally Driven. You are actually assigned a fitness handicap (similar to your golf handicap index), which is used to base improvement off of. The trainer will walk through each exercise in your program so that you understand how to do each one.

Corrective Exercise

You receive a customized exercise program that focuses on correcting imbalances in your body that are specific to the golf swing by improving your flexibility, balance and strength. You receive the program via email including video of how to perform each exercise. Your program contains 18 sessions of exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. Each session is unique.


After you perform your 18 sessions you are asked to return to Totally Driven for a re-evaluation. This consists of putting you through the same evaluation as you originally took to determine the level of improvement. From here you can determine if you wish to continue with a new program or not.

Expected Results

Our customers often attain positive results in multiple areas including improved posture, reduced pain (in daily life and while playing golf) as well as an improved and more efficient golf swing. Increased distance, accuracy and consistency are usually attained.

Teaching Professionals

Our teaching professionals are experienced in using our technology and have a great understanding of the golf swing. We are able to tweak a good swing or build a swing from the ground up as needed. We believe in teaching the fundamentals in building a proper set-up, efficient swing and pre-shot routine.

Practice on the same technology that was used for your lesson.

We have multiple hitting bays and practice areas so you are able to use the same technology during practice that was used during your lesson. Ever feel like a lesson went well, but you are having a hard time duplicating the results on the driving range or course? At Totally Driven, you can make sure you can repeat the same movements on our technology. It makes learning easier and helps you achieve your goals quicker.

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