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Golf Skills Evaluation

Receive an evaluation of your current golf swing, golf conditioning and equipment by our team of experts.

Unsure of what you need to do to improve your game? We can help you by prioritizing your needs. Our 90 minute analysis breaks down your full swing, short game, physical capabilities and equipment to determine what you need to do to take your game to the next level. This Evaluation does not take the place of  a club-fitting and is typically a precursor to a player looking to work on all facets of their game and/or initiating a Golf Improvement Program.

Golf Evaluation $200

Golf Skills Evaluation includes the following:

Player Interview

This is an important step in the process. We need to understand your goals, what you’ve experimented with, and your strengths and weaknesses. Physical limitations and issues are discussed as well as your prior experiences with lessons. It's important to understand where you've been, what you’re trying to accomplish and your level of commitment.

Golf Conditioning/Physical Capabilities

Our Titleist Performance Level III Certified Trainer will put you through an evaluation to determine what if any physical limitations exist and how they are affecting your golf swing. This part of the session lasts about 30 minutes and includes looking at your swing on our 3D Imaging K Vest as well as a multiple step process to assess your strength, flexibility, balance and power. Any physical limitations will affect the efficiency of your golf swing.

Swing and Short Game Evaluation

Our golf professional videotapes your swing from two angles, analyzes the results from our K-Vest 3D Device and SAM PUTT Lab equipment to determine if your swing is effective and efficient.  We also evaluate your chipping and pitching motions.

Equipment Evaluation

This is an assessment of your current equipment only and not a substitute for a club fitting.   We do an evaluation of your Driver and 6 iron as well as your putter.   We measure your club-head speed, and various measurements of the shaft  during the downswing to determine if the shafts you have match-up with what you need.  We also check length of clubs and other elements to determine if your clubs are suited for you or actually hurting your game.  For the putter, we put you through a distance control and aim test. If you don't aim your putter at the hole from six feet, it means your putter is not set up properly for you.  Distance control is also a key element of putting and both aim and distance control can often be improved with a correctly fit putter.

Plan of Attack

Our professionals put their heads together to determine what is needed to help improve your game. We determine if your short game, your swing, physical issues or equipment are getting in your way.

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